About Me

Hi I’m Antonio Melegari, and I am currently a freshman at the University of Rhode Island.  I was always obsessed with motorcycles at such a young age, being my biggest passion. When I was in elementary school, all I thought about was motorcycle racing and when school was over so I could go ride my dirt bike. Still to this day I have these thoughts. At eight years old my father presented me with the greatest birthday present ever. My very first dirt bike (to the dismay of my mother). One of my biggest dreams was always to own a Ducati motorcycle. Fast forward 11 years and my dream has been achieved, owning my own Ducati!

In my spare time I ride motorcycles as much as I can. Living in New England, riding is best from the late spring to early fall. Unfortunately this doesn’t give a lot of time for riding. In the perfect world I would ride every day! In addition to this blog about motorcycles, I take a great deal of interest in cars. I have a YouTube channel, Antonio Melegari Car Reviews, dedicated to reviewing cars. I really enjoy providing content to the people who watch my videos.

This blog will be about my growth as a motorcycle enthusiast and my personal opinions about riding. I will also go off into segments about motorcycle racing and how its the most dangerous yet exciting sport in the world.