Why MotoGP needs Marco Simoncelli


Race your Life

October 23, 2011 was a day that the MotoGP community will never forget. Marco Simoncelli , or SIC as he was known, entered turn 11 of the Malaysian Gran Prix and lost control. He had a fight about him and never wanted to give up. No one knew that Marco was going to die that day at turn 11, as he was struck by Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. Marco was a fighter though, he always was.

The documentary, Hitting the Apex, described perfectly who Marco was. One of my favorite quotes from the movie was, “Marco was a demon on the bike, and a nice guy off it”. In his day he got a lot of complaints for his aggressive riding style. His style was just who he was. He wasn’t afraid to pass people. If the rider in front gave him an inch of space, Sic would pass them. He wasn’t afraid and he made that very clear from the beginning.

A few races prior to his death, he really proved how good of a racer he was. He started finishing on the podium and improving his riding style week after week. Honda had rewarded Sic was the factory Honda ride for the 2012 season.


Could Simoncelli have been the Marc Maquez of Repsol honda? If Marco had lived, he would’ve been champion. It was only a matter of time before he started winning races in MotoGP, and Repsol Honda knew that. I can only imagine if Sic had been on the team for a year, and then Marc signed too. The battles that could’ve happened between them would’ve been insane.

He was beneficial to the sport. He gave people hope and someone to look up too. When he was on track he gave fans a sense of unpredictability and excitement. His big smile and hair will never be forgotten.

Even though he isn’t with us anymore, he did leave a lasting effect. He was a hero and loved my many. Sic is a constant reminder of how dangerous the sport is, and yet how truly alive each MotoGP racer is.



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