Motorcycle sounds

That thing sounds like a mosquito…

To a motorcycle enthusiast, the sound of a motorcycle is very important. The right ears can determine what the motorcycle is, by only hearing it. Unfortunately not everyone enjoys the sound of motorcycles. People find them “too loud” or obnoxious.

I really like the fact that my motorcycle is loud. Ducatis have a truly unique sound from their 90° L-twin. Fitted with an aftermarket exhaust they sound wonderful. It crackles on deceleration and sounds violent at full revs. This may sound great to me, but not to the people around town. Frankly I don’t care. I would rather have it that people hear me coming from far away, rather than not at all.

Some say that with even having a loud motorcycle people won’t hear you on the highway. This is semi-true depending on how far away you are from other cars. But if you’re right up next to them they will hear you. It’s nice knowing that when I’m coming up in someones blind spot they’ll be able to hear a loud rumble coming.


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