5 misconceptions about motorcycling

When I tell people I ride motorcycles one of the first questions I get is, “How fast have you gone?” and “Have you crashed”. The majority of people that I know are either scared of motorcycles, or think that everyone who rides them is a maniac. Growing up with bikes, I knew that this wasn’t true. I was never afraid, I just wanted to ride as much as I could. Below I’ve devised five misconceptions about people who ride motorcycles.

  1. We’re reckless. Yes, some of us are. There are always the guys who do 150mph wheelies down the highway, and have no regard for anyone else on the road. The majority of riders out there are safe and don’t want to bother anyone when they ride.
  2. “I’m part of a gang”. Usually people who go motorcycling ride with a group of people. It’s safer and more enjoyable to ride with your friends. In America motorcycling gangs, such as The Hells Angels, and The Outlaws, have become popular from their actions and TV. Most motorcyclists are not part of a gang.
  3. We go from “A to B”. Motorcycling is a great hobby and life style. Most people who ride motorcycles are not using them as their main source of transportation. Motorcyclists use motorcycles to go for a nice ride through the country side, or along the back roads to enjoy themselves.
  4. We only go fast. Motorcycles are machines that travel at a great rate of speed, and are very dangerous. That being said, those who buy them are aware of this. As a motorcyclist, I admit that I like to go fast, but it’s not all the time. For the duration of my rides I go “fast” for a very short period of time. I still obey the speed limit and pay attention to the road conditions and people around me. The best place to unleash the power of a motorcycle is at a track.
  5. We like to be obnoxious. Motorcycles are loud, that’s a fact. Some people like that and others don’t, but that’s just how it is. I have a racing exhaust system on my Ducati that’s very loud. I like it loud because I want other people who are on the road knowing that I’m coming. Driving a motorcycle around cars is nerve racking sometimes and it’s nice knowing that people will hopefully hear me near them.
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