Yes I know it’s dangerous

“That’s dangerous” or “You’re going to die”. I hear these two statements all the time when I bring up my motorcycle or motorcycle racing. YES I KNOW IT’S DANGEROUS. I am completely aware that when I get on a 200mph explosive rocket it’s dangerous. Frankly everything is dangerous. Take stairs for example. We go up and down them all time, with little or no thought, but they can still kill you. You walk up the stairs, slip on some water, fall backwards and split your head open.
By no means am I trying to be morbid here, because this is not what this blog is about. I am just so sick of these comments. I imagine it’s the same for a football player, hearing comments about concussions. Now I’m pretty fired up (HA no pun intended) I just want to enjoy my motorcycles in peace. I know¬†how dangerous they are. I was in a serious accident when I was 17 and was taken to the hospital. This accident did not change my opinion on them whatsoever. I continued to ride (after feeling better of course).
Nothing in life means more to me then when I’m on the bike. That’s when I’m truly free. Its me, my bike, and the open road. I don’t have to think about school, girls, or any other distractions. For me, its the best stress reliever. It relaxes me, yet at the same time provides a huge adrenaline rush. Nothing is more exciting than opening the throttle all the way on my Ducati, and feeling that raw rush of air and speed, hearing the engine scream and pushing through the air like a knife.
Yes, I know it’s dangerous, Thank You. It’s my passion and I really don’t care how dangerous it is, because nothing makes me feel better than riding my motorcycle.



  1. There is potential danger in everything and I agree motorcycles are fantastic. I have been riding them for almost 35 years. Motorbikes make you concentrate on what you are doing and you don’t have time to let your mind wander. I wish you safe riding…

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